Junyao Wang 王骏峣

Junyao Wang 王骏峣

Undergraduate major in Computer Science

Wuhan University


Junyao Wang is a junior undergraduate in Computer School and Hongyi Honor College of Wuhan University.

He takes part in ACM-ICPC training and contests, awarding gold medal in Asia regional contest and silver medal in Asia-east continent final. And he attends the lab focusing on biomedical image analysis in Computer School directed by Prof. Feng LIU and Dr. Fei LUO. He has had a program experience since High School for Olympiad in Informatics.

He has been an intern research assistant in The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology(Guangzhou).

He is currently a research administrative assistant in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. And he will join a PhD program in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2024.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Bioinformatics
  • Image processing
  • Data mining
  • BSc in Computer Science, 2020-2024

    Wuhan University【IELTS:6.5(5.5),CET-6:580/710,GPA:3.83/4.00】


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Research Administrative Assistant
October 2023 – Present Hong Kong SAR
Supervisor: Jieming SHI
Research Assistant
July 2023 – October 2023 Guangzhou

Supervisor: Hao LIU

Research on LLM attack and prompt learning.

Wuhan University
Teaching Assistant
September 2022 – June 2023 Wuhan

Teaching assistant of the course Algorithm Design and Analysis.

Outstanding TA of Computer School.(9 out of 76 undergraduates, postgraduates and staff TA)

July 2020 – Present Hubei

Responsibilities include:

  • Administrating the accountant on Wechat platform
  • Designing pictures
  • Organizing alumni activities
Guangzhou Code Island Information Technology Co.
Lecturer, Programming Assistant
January 2021 – June 2023 Guangzhou

Teaching Olympics in Informatics and Programming Competitions.

Responsibilities include:

  • Teaching basic algorithm: graph theory, data structure, math theory.
  • Online judge platform management, including function adjustment and students’ code analysis.
  • Produce practice questions and tests for competitions, helping students get higher grades is USACO and National Olympiad in Informatics in Province etc.


CCF Elite Collegiate Award
China Computer Federation(CCF) awards 100 collegiates per year for their performance in study and research. (Recommended in Wuhan University)
See certificate
Outstanding teaching assistant of Computer School in Wuhan University
Teaching assistant of the course Algorithm Design and Analysis. (9 out of 76 undergraduates, postgraduates and staff TA)
See certificate
Ramon-Hongyi New Youth Pacemaker
A prize for top students in Hongyi Honor College, Wuhan University. (Top 1% students)
Gold Medal, 3rd place out of 242 teams
Guangdong Province Collegiate Programming Contest
See certificate
Gold Medal, 10th Prize, ranks 10 out of 543 participants
CCF-CCSP(China Computer Federation-Collegiate Computer Systems & Programming Contest)
See certificate
Shenzhen Stock Exchange Prize(Top 5%)
A prize for top students in School of Computer Science, Wuhan University.(Top 5% students)
Silver Medal
ICPC(International Collegiate Programming Contest, ACM competetion) Asia-East Continent Final Contest
See certificate
Bronze Medal
China Collegiate Programming Contest
See certificate
Wang-Guoqi Luo-Jinghua Prize
A prize for top students in Hongyi Honor College, Wuhan University.(Top 10% students)
Gold Medal, Champion out of 98 teams
Hubei Province Collegiate Programming Contest
Gold Medal, ranks 24 out of 511 teams
ICPC(International Collegiate Programming Contest, ACM competetion) Regional
See certificate
Gold Medal
China Collegiate Computing Contest-Group Programming Ladder Tournament
See certificate
Bronze Medal, top of Bronze list
National Olympiad in Informatics(NOI)
See certificate


Using Verilog to simulate a CPU with interactive and graphics on FPGA board.

  • Single-cycle and Pipeline CPU design in RISC-V framework.
  • Assembly programming and debugging on Venus platform for testing the hazard detection and interrupts of self-designed CPU.
  • Programming simple games with assembly instructions and display via VGA on FPGA development boards.
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Research on medical image of CT or MRI images of lung and brain for segmentation and registration.

  • Implement SOTA of medical image processing: U-net, ViT, TransUnet and so on.
  • Experiment on segmentation and registration: VoxelMorph, ViT-V-Net, TransMorph and find the potential to improve the performance. (Improve the DSC by 0.5%, paper in draft)
  • Assist in paper review from APBC2023(Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Conference).
  • Combining Fuzzy theory into medical image processing.
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Recent Publications

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(2023). Unsupervised brain MRI image registration based on hybrid ViT and convolutional U-net. Scientific Reports, preprint, under review.

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